Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tired? It's Time for Some Taazgi ka Dhamaka!

Colgate's new advertisement video featuring superstar Allu Arjun and DJ Anushka Manchanda is hitting just the right notes among music and dance lovers. More than a product advertisement, it is coming across as a fun video inspiring people of all ages to freshen up and get up and get grooving to life's happy tunes!

Set against a theme of a wedding, the video has popular DJ and singer Anushka Manchanda getting ready to liven up a wedding party with her entertaining tunes. Just as she is done setting up yet music station, Allu Arjun joins her to set the dance floor on fire with his explosive moves!

The Taazgi ka dhamaka video is fun enough to eliminate boredom and tiredness out of any soul. And now that I am all rejuvenated with this dose of freshness, I thought why not prepare a playlist to go along! After-all, when one's dancing, who says no to more of foot tapping numbers! So here, when you are done with dancing to the very entertaining Taazgi ka dhamaka, there are 9 more foot tapping numbers in store for you!

Song number 2 in my Taazgi ka Dhamaka playlist is the supremely entertaining Oh la la oh la la from The Dirty Picture! Remember the frenzy and furore this song created - the very sensuous Vidya Balan and the overtly mischievous lover-boy Naseeruddin Shah romancing each other with some hilariously over-the-top dance moves! But then the song fit seamlessly with the theme of the movie and fits seamlessly in my playlist too!  

Song number 3 in the list is Mera joota fake leather from Gangs of Wasseypur 2. Thank you Sneha Khanwalkar for this psychedelic, foot tapping number! Its magic is such that even those born with two left feet can effortlessly dance on this one.

Song number 4 is the soup song! Or the flop song! Hahah...'Why this Kolaveri di' it is! It is one of those songs that can compel anyone to burst into dance moves.  Song 'Why this Kolaveri di' did not just get south India actor Dhanush into limelight, but also played a huge role in popularising the concept of 'viral videos'. 

The next song on my Taazgi ka Dhamaka playlist is all about positivity and living life to the fullest! And icing on the cake - it makes for a beautiful dance number! Ik Junoon - Paint it Red it is - song number 5! Easy on the ears and fun to dance on!

'Tu mere agal bagal hai' is one song that everyone around me loves dancing on. Right from the grown-ups to the still-learning-to-walk toddlers - everybody loves this cute song! And the most fun comes with the lyrics - tere doggy ko mere bhonkne na nahi - and everyone goes berserk mimicking Shahid Kapoor's doggy step! So yes, 'Tu mere agal bagal hai' is song number 6 on my Taazgi ka Dhamaka playlist! 

The next number in my Taazgi ka Dhamaka playlist is a veteran if you were to compare it to other songs listed here. But they don't say 'old is gold' for nothing! 'Beedi jalayi le jigar se piya' is pure gold! Song number 7!

Song number 8 brought to life the hitherto forgotten dance number - Hungama gya...and how! Featured in the film Queen, this one shows Kangana Ranaut going all out enjoying herself on her single honeymoon. Her cute dance moves in bar in a phoren country won people's heart and it showed in the film's box office collections!

At every wedding, I can see the DJ putting this one on loop! And why not, it can get even those with two left feet to shake a leg or two on the dance floor! And frankly one does not really need any dancing skills to master this one! It's so much fun - one solid thumka and you are done! Here's it is - song number 9 - London Thumakda!

And now for song number 10, I have the flavour of the season in my playlist! Of course it has to be Chittiyaan kalaayiyaan! Everyone seems to humming this one, and also swaying to it's tune! What a fresh feel this song has - right from vivacious Jacqueline Fernandez', her gorgeous aura, the fun dance steps...everything has a breezy feel about it!

So this is it! If you are tired or bored, this Taazgi ka Dhamaka playlist will sure rev you up, just like it freshens me up!  

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  1. Why this kolaveri di song is one of my favourite songs. it makes anybody to share their leg. a nice and a peppy music list.. All the best! :)
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