Thursday, 9 July 2015

Surf it All! Surf it Fast!

Saying that in India, cricket is a religion in itself would be like stating the obvious. We love cricket and adore our cricketers. We rejoiced when Team India lifted up the World cup in 1983 and 2011, and felt shattered when Sachin bid goodbye to the game. In India, there are fans who have dedicated their entire lives to the game of cricket and travel the world following their passion. So in such country, if a cricket lover has no access to the latest match for some reason or the other, you can very well imagine the state of mind he'll be in - in all probability feeling lost and looking for the quickest opportunity to gain access to TV or a computer or a smartphone!

I remember, during the 2011 Cricket World Cup, I lived in a hostel and never had access to the television. Though our hostel did have a TV in the common room, but more often than not, it remained besieged by soap opera loving populace. Requests to switch the channels to allow cricket lovers to match the world cup matches were met with incredulous stares and ridiculing comments. Since the soap opera loving group was almost always in the majority, we hardly ever got to watch the matches in the hostel. 

So in such a scenario, if one could not go to a pub or a friend's place to watch the match, the only option left was either tuning in to the radio, or constantly checking score updates on cricket websites. I remember remaining hooked to these websites at work too, for the job was new and I found it inappropriate to constantly express my enthusiasm towards cricket in an office full of new co-workers. Many a evenings would also be spent outside electronic showrooms, where they would screen the match on huge TVs and would put it on the display windows so that passers-by could catch the update. This would sound funny, but believe me, nothing beats the experience of watching an India match on the streets, with fellow Indians. The collective feeling of patriotism, the exhilaration every time a Indian takes a wicket or hits an aggressive shot is unparalleled!

Cut to present, now getting access a cricket match is not a big deal. With UC Browser, you do not need to slyly look for opportunities to catch the latest match on. Not just at work, even when you are travelling during a match, you can access the live action while on the go. Just click on the UC Cricket tab on the UC Browser, and you will get access to LIVE scores and latest cricket updates.

This video from UC Browser presents the woes of catching a cricket match on smartphone in an entertaining manner. And since they know the woes, they know the remedy too - switch to UC Browser for the best cricket service in India!

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