Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Reigning in Shopping Impulses!

Shop till you drop. If there’s one maxim that fit my shopping habits to the tee, it would be this. Not that I am proud of it. And no, I am neither flaunting my shopping skills here, nor advertising the depth of my pockets. To tell you the truth, I hate my shopping impulses. I shop like a maniac, and in the shopping frenzy buy stuff that I can very well do without.

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What’s furthermore annoying is the fact that the moment I am back home, I immediately start regretting buying half the stuff in my shopping bags. Ah, this shirt is one size too small, and still I bought it, why! The nail paint looks gaudy, what was I thinking? Another pair of stilettos, but where am I going to wear these! Alas, it’s always too late to regret and I am stuck with stuff that I don’t know what to do with. Many a times I give them away as gifts to my friends and cousins, but the nagging regret of wasting money on impulse purchases takes a while to go away.

Rewardme to the Rescue

Given that most of my impulsive shopping sprees result in pointless purchases and leave pangs of guilt behind, I keep looking for tips and advices to help me counter the temptation to shop. While some experts suggest avoid going to the malls altogether, many advice against getting attracted to the 'SALE' word. Of course for people like me, these tips are easier said than done. But while browsing the RewardMe website, I came across an article that seems to have been written to help hapless impulsive shoppers like me. In the website's Family section, I came across this compelling article offering interesting tips to help curb shopping impulses. Titled '9 Tips & Tricks to Stop Impulse Buying' , the article lists down strategies to reign in those wallet draining impulses.

While the article has listed tips to curb shopping impulses, there are some out-of-the-box tricks too! One that I found really amusing and which I am going to try out for sure is freezing my credit cards. The writer suggests putting all the credit cards in plastic pouch, fill it up with water, zip it and put it in the freezer. Whenever I will have the shopping impulse taking over, I will take the pouch out, and I am sure by the time the pouch thaws, the impulse would be long gone! Now this is not just easy, but fun too!

I am glad I came across this article, and needless to say I am going to bookmark Rewardme website for it sure is a treasure trove of useful information about a wide range of topics. From health and lifestyle to content on family and good housekeeping, there are plentiful of handy articles here that can help readers enhance their knowledge. 

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