Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A New World - Where the Mind Would Indeed Be Without Fear

Given the complex times we are living in, ever so often we hear ourselves and others sigh about the sorry state of affairs of the world, the seemingly never-ending violence in the name of some cause or the other and the pressing need to be on our guards all the time. While our vigilant mode is (almost) always on, be it out on the streets or in the confines of our homes, we all on the side wishfully keep thinking of a better world – one where there is peace and happiness. I generalise of course, but we all want peace and happiness in our lives, don’t we? I am assuming the collective answer to be one big yes, and please pardon me if you don't concur with the assumption.

And now that I have comfortably assumed that we all wish for peace and happiness in our lives, I am also pretty much sure we all have a rough idea of the kind of world we want to live in. And since in the the virtual world, everything is a possibility, popular bloggers' network Blogadda has given bloggers a prompt to write about their idea of a perfect world - the kind of world they would want to create and live in. And so here I am, giving my perfect world a shot at existence.

Here's the World, Remade!

To me nothing epitomises the idea of a perfect world better than Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's poem 'Where the mind is without fear'. The poem is everything I would want my new world to be.  And so if I am the creator of this new world I will make sure that the ideals listed in this poem are incorporated to the tee. But then again, the idea of course would not be novel, for before humans decided to play God, and started the never-ending game of one-upmanship, this was how the world existed - pure and unbroken.

Coming back to playing the creator, while 'Where the mind is without fear' would be the guiding principle, the following pointers would form it's foundation - 

1. A world without boundaries - In the world's new version, the concept of boundaries would exist just for the cricket fields and not for land demarcation. All land would be common and the earthly denizens would have access to all parts of the world. Nobody would have heard of visa and everyone would be free to roam the world and see all it's glorious wonders.

2. A world without religion - Religion has torn this world apart, with mass murders happening in the name of God. In my new scheme of things, there would be no such thing as 'religion'. Everyone would respect nature and would be free to express their respect in the way they deem right. There would be no maddening frenzy to 'convert' others to believe otherwise. 

3. A world without money - Another spoilsport. Will have to leave this evil thing behind when I create a new world. There would be no need of currency in fact, for everything would word around goodwill.(*Godly giggle*)

4.  A world without fear - Fear too would be an alien or rather non-existent feeling in the new world. Everyone would be free to do as they please, and enjoy the new world to the fullest without any worries. And with no trappings of religion and money, they would as it is have nothing to worry about.

A world of abundance

6. Abundance of Food - In my remade world, no human being will ever die of hunger or malnutrition. They would be plenty of food for everyone and nature's food bounty would be free for all. There would be plenty of land for everyone to grow food together. 

7. Abundance of Freedom - In the new world, there would be no discrimination in the name of man and woman. Everyone would be equal, working together to move forward in time. There would be no concept of race or region either, and everyone would be living on an equal footing.

8. Abundance of Happiness and Harmony - Since the new scheme of things would leave the terrorising concepts of religion, money and hunger behind, the new world would have an abundance of happiness and harmony. Everyone would work together without selfish profit motive and would help each other to keep moving forward in time.

Of course it's all utopian, but then  I am sure if we all pitch together, bit by bit, in the long, some of it can become a reality. Till then, let's keep perfecting our individual Utopias.


  1. Nice :) Hope such world without the evil and otherwise in abundance happen someday! Best of luck :)

  2. An ideal world, not real. Actual problem is not money, it is the mind. Once one controls mind, rest becomes just a tool.

  3. Very nice posting. That's true.

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