Thursday, 2 July 2015

From Smelly Kitchen to Smiley Kitchen!

I come from a Punjabi household - so desi ghee ke paraanthe for breakfast, oil dripping veggies for lunch and tadke waali daal for dinner - more often than not, this comprises the standard food menu in my house. If you have ever been to a punjabi dhaba (I am sure you have!) you can very well imagine what my kitchen or for that matter my house must smell like. If your faculty of smell (and memory) refuses to oblige, let me tell what it smells of - it smells of desi ghee.  All the time. 

The smell of desi ghee and tadkas has permeated every single corner of the house. No amount of air fresheners, room perfumes or fancy fragrant oils seem effective against this headache inducing desi ghee aroma. All they do is counter the smell for an hour or two and then after a while it's back to square one. The smell comes back with a vengeance, stronger than ever, thanks to the fresh cooking session under-way in the kitchen.

Given my exasperation with the smelly situation, Ambi Pur Air Effects' new advertisement featuring Boman Irani was something that got my curiosity piqued. In the advertisement, he is shown tackling a smelly kitchen, plagued with similar problem of tadka smells overflowing to other parts of the house. And what takes care of the smell and makes the house smelling all fresh and flowery? Ambi Pur Air Effects, of course! 

Of course I had to check this smell fighter messiah out!

(15 Days Later)

Okay, so cutting back to present, I have been using the Blossom & Breeze variant of Ambi Pur Air Effects for more than two weeks now, and I can vouch for its handiness. A few quick sprays of this fragrance across the house and all smell of desi ghee and onion and spices is blown away and the house keeps smelling of flowers all day long. Ambi Pur Air Effects' claims about 'eliminating odours and freshening the air' are bang on target and it does precisely that.

While the fragrance of Ambi Pur Air Effects is pleasant, I like the design of the spray can too. Unlike many other aerosol sprays where the if the nozzle breaks or distorts, the product goes waste, this one is very well designed and has an innovative natural Nitrogen-based propellent within an easy-to-use trigger system, delivering a perfect arc of pure fragrant mist. 

Ambi Pur Air Effects' is being marketed by The Procter & Gamble Home Products Limited, a name quite trusted in India, though it is manufactured in Thailand and imported from there.

Price: Rs 250 for 275g spray can.
Well the price is not exactly a steal, but given the fact it's been 15 days that I have been using the spray and it does not look anywhere close to running out any-time soon, so I would not mind spending money on it again.

I am blogging for #SmellytoSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur.


  1. While checking them out for a contest, i also figured out they are a great product...well written review.

  2. very well written review Ragini :-) I love Ambi Pur for the car! :-)