Saturday, 29 November 2014

Ungroomed Groom? A Big No!

Snigdha looked at her reflection in the washroom mirror. Perfectly arched eyebrows, big kohl-lined eyes with a hint of mascara on the lashes, and glossy pink lips - the light makeup look suited her. Generally she was averse to makeup, but given the occasion, she had decided to put some effort in looking presentable. And now as she looked at herself in the mirror, a smile of satisfaction lit up her face. Touching up her lip gloss, she mentally complimented herself for the effort she had put in, in preparing for this first meeting with Sarthak, the guy her parents had shortlisted for her from a matrimonial website.

They had been talking for two weeks now, getting to know each other before meeting in person. And finally the first face to face meeting was fixed for today in this cafe, close to where Snigdha lived. Taking advantage of the proximity of the meeting point, she had arrived early, to get some extra time for her nervousness to settle down. The tactic was worth it, as half-an-hour on her own here had eased her up and now she eagerly awaited Sarthak, looking up every time the cafĂ© door opened.  When it did open to let Sarthak in, Snigdha was taken aback by what met her eyes, for the man in question had sauntered in wearing what looked like two day old stubble!

 Stubble is trouble
The unshaven look was a big turn off, to say the least. It seemed suggestive of a callous attitude towards personal grooming and hygiene. ‘This is not how one comes for a first ‘date of sorts’, careless about unsightly black and white stubble,’ she mumbled under her breath. Ungroomed - this was her first impression of Sarthak. And for obvious reasons, it turned out to be the last too.

*This post is inspired by a real incident, the names, of course, have been changed.
**This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at Blogadda, in association with Gillette.

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  • An instance when a well-groomed look ensured that they stuck gold on an opportunity given to them.

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at Blogadda, in association with Gillette.
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  1. Though I won't say that it was a wrong decision, but still you can't judge a person from weather he is shaved or not? Generally males has a different approach towards these things. Let me ask you, what will happen if a girl selected a groom who remains in proper condition, but is a bad man from the core of his heart?

    I guess when it comes to select a groom, a bride can enhance the look and feel of a groom, but then they cannot ever change the nature of that person. So it is better to judge a person from what his thinking is not what he is wearing or if he is shaved or not... If a girl rejects a guy just because he is not shaved then the guy is not losing anything by might be possible that the girl is loosing everything....

    But anyways that was my thought which I shared with you :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your views on this Alokji. And I absolutely agree with you that one can't judge a person from whether he has shaved or not. But this post has been written with a different perspective - Snigdha too is averse to make up, but for this particular meeting which is quite a formal one, she has put in some effort to look well groomed and presentable. And that is what she expects from the other person too - an attitude that says that he's serious about what he's getting into, the occasion is not a casual meet, so the least a man can do is to come in neat and clean, and yes, shaved too. :)

  2. ha ha ha ... interesting ... be presentable else miss you miss ~_~

    1. You got the point, I see! :) So shave off that stubble now. :)

  3. My first drop in . Interesting read and take and connected well with the theme .

  4. What if a girl showed up with unshaved legs?

    1. Well Ajesh ji, if a girl shows up in a short dress or in fact any dress that shows her unshaved legs, then that would be gross too. And it's my perception, to each their own. :)

    2. Yup! Different strokes for different folks.

      Bottom line is to look presentable. But I thought stubble was sexy. See the Virat Kohli has a stubble, Brad Pitt has it, Bradley Cooper and Beckham too, I think.