Saturday, 29 November 2014

#AbMontuBolega Campaign: Let's All Speak Up!

O you uncleji, behind the tree,
That’s not a suitable place to pee,
Urinals are the best place I say,
To relieve yourself in a hygienic way.

They made the roads to walk and drive,
You’ve turned them into a spittoon you see,
High time you learn some manners clean,
And get rid of your spitting spree.

Montu, from the #AbMontu Bolega Campaign has been inspiring people to speak up, and you can see that I am inspired too - inspired to be vocal about the causes that are close to my heart. Corruption, gender bias, eve-teasing and on top of the list is the apathy towards public cleanliness. I understand Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan is the flavour of the season - with one celebrity after another lending their name to the cause, and showcasing in the media how they are doing their bit for a cleaner India. But since the cause had already been in my personal causes agenda for long, the frenzied public interest in 'cleanliness' after Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the campaign only just about amused me.

It's bizarre to see people harping about cleanliness while recklessly littering on the roads, dumping garbage bins in public parks and using random public walls and trees as urinals. How disgusting it is to walk on the roadside and see urine trickling down from the walls onto the side-walk! Yuck! And then there are those idiots who conveniently roll down their car windows to throw whatever-they-want-to on the roads - right from fruit skins, to empty bottles to wrappers and used tissues! Filthy morons! And on a wavelength similar to these dimwits are the pan, tobacco and gutkha chewing cretins who regard the roads and the public walls as their personal spittoons, spraying them with the disgusting chewed out concoction. Trust me, the next time I see someone peeing on the roadside, or spitting out on the road, I am going to lecture them hard about how the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan will lose it's drive if people like them continue with their bawdy habits.

One also needs to voice their opinion to the government in this regard - and ask them to lay down strict cleanliness codes and ask the public to adhere to them. There must be heavy fines for those flouting these rules. Only then can we expect the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan to be a success.

About #AbMontuBolega Campaign
Strepsils' #AbMontuBolega campaign aims are motivating people to voice their opinion loud and clear, without inhibitions. The protagonist of the campaign is Montu, who has inhibitions about expressing himself in front of his family, friends and colleagues. The campaign captures his journey through various interesting situations in his life where Strepsils provides him with a healthy voice and courage to speak up on issues which matter the most to the youth of today. So let us all join Montu in clearly and fearlessly voicing our opinion about the causes we stand by. It's time we all come together and speak up.

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