Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Health is Fun with Sunfeast Farmlite

'Health is the greatest wealth.'
'Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.'
'Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings.'

Since childhood these eternal pearls of wisdom have been making a regular appearance in my life.  While at school, the teachers never missed out on any opportunity to reinforce the importance of health, and how 'health was the real wealth', at home my parents used similar idioms and expressions while force-feeding me and my younger brother all kinds of 'healthy' vegetable concoctions (read karela and other green vegetables). Every time my brother and I would gulp down those mouthfuls of bitter karela, we would mentally curse the know-it-alls who had nothing better to do than invent atrocious food items like karela and shove it down the throats of hapless children like us.

And since those traumatic karela days, I developed an aversion to all lofty pearls of wisdom like 'health is wealth'. All sorts of product advertisements espousing some health benefit or the other at best evoked either a smirk or an indifferent shrug from me. But his indifferent attitude only lasted till about a few days ago. Yes, you read that right, till about a few days ago. So what happened a few days ago that caused this change of perception, you might be wondering, and rightly so. So the answer, ladies and gentleman, is that a few days ago I came across this super fun and entertaining campaign by Sunfeast Farmlite, creating awareness about the combination of health and fitness through their 'Health is fun with Farmlite' films.

Sunfeast Farmlite is the new biscuit range from ITC Foods and this one boasts of a 'perfect combination' of taste and health - with wheat and oats, and raisins and almonds all coming together to create a healthy and delectable fusion cookie.

Fun and Fitness Go Together

Sunfeast's 'Health is fun with Farmlite' is an engaging and entertaining amalgamation of fun and fitness fundas, focussing on the fact that fitness can be incorporated in one's everyday chores and these chores and seemingly routine activities go a long way in helping one to achieve set fitness goals.These points have been beautifully put across through the Farmlite Bytes Film Festival - a collection of fun films about fitness! While the playlist of this festival boasts of interesting short films, my favourite from among the many fun videos is the Striker Strikes Back by Manu Singh.

Striker Strikes Back is a quirky and fun take on your mundane game of carrom. Oh I forget, it' NOT your mundane game of carrom, it is in fact the Carrom Premier League, where the 3-times world champions white coins have put up a tough game against the black coins and their 'striker' is the relatively unfit and lazy Dubey ji. Now since Dubey ji is not so quick on the board, all his attempts to woo down the 'Queen of Hearts' fail. Alas! Disappointed, but not yet giving up, Dubey ji eats healthy, tones down, and in no time is fit enough to tackle the black and white coins. And lo and behold, he wins over the Queen of Hearts too! See the lesson there? Winning is so much fun and easy - you've just got to be fit and healthy!

Another fun and super quirky video is the one inspired by the many tele-shopping network advertisements - you know, the ones featuring models waxing eloquent about their lives before and after using a certain product. This fun video titled 'Homework Kiya' by Anurag Goswami centres around this obese bhaisahab who has lost all his self esteem thanks to his bulging belly. Adding insult to injury, even his wife is not too happy with the 'not-so-fit-and-smart' husband, choosing to ignore him more often than not. Sigh. But then bhaisahab wakes up to the importance to fitness, does his homework and makes it a point to make an effort to get fit. He does not have the time or the inclination to go to the gym and sweat at the machines, so what does he do? He eats healthy and helps the wifey with the household chores!

A Campaign Beyond the Clichés

Sunfeast's 'Health is fun with Farmlite' is engaging and entertaining, to say the least. Going beyond the clichés of showcasing the subject of health and fitness in a serious light, this campaign focusses on a fun approach - of using light-hearted short films to enlighten the audience about importance of fitness and how one can achieve that through everyday activities. Besides the films discussed above, the other films in the playlist too are entertaining and connect fun and fitness in similar vein. And they are all driving the same point home -

  • Health and fitness need not necessarily mean sweating out in fancy gyms, twisting and turning around mean gym equipments; trying out some routine household chores too can help you burn those calories!
  • Dance! From garba to classical to freestyle - whatever suits your fancy - try it! It will not just drive your blues away but will also help you keep fit and active.
  • If dancing is not your thing, and the idea of exercise too bogs you down, then go for nature walks, hikes, treks! Connect with nature, walk down those winding trails and see how it works wonder on your body and soul!
  • Eat Healthy - But of course. And oh yes, you can absolutely stay away from the awful karela if you wish, for now there's a lot of other healthy (and tasty) stuff to compensate for the not-so-missed absence of karela. Besides the grains and vegetables, and fruits and nuts, there are fusion snacks too - snacks that are balanced combinations of taste and health, say something like Sunfeast Farmlite.

By the way, have you tried Sunfeast Farmlite? If you have, then do share your review of these healthy munchies! I personally love the oats and raisins combo!

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