Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bring Back The Touch, Pretty Please

What a coincidence it is that I come across this beautiful #BringBackTheTouch campaign by Parachute Advansed Body Lotion right after I am done reading an interview of actress Kalki Koechlin, where she talks about her days as a down and out student in London and terribly missing home and friends. In passing she mentions how in India people are so warm and inviting and you can touch each other to express affection. This observation somehow stayed with me even when I had put the newspaper away.  Isn’t it so true, touch indeed works such wonders when words fail or seem superfluous. And the #BringBackTheTouch campaign puts it across even more succinctly – Words can lie. Looks can deceive. But a touch… it reveals the truth. And the beautiful video here featuring two brilliant actors - Nimrat and Parambrata, portrays these same words through a lovely little storyline.

Where warm words fall flat, songs of the past fail to evoke nostalgia, it's the loving touch that does the trick - rekindles the spark, reignites the passion. Much mush, no? And why just between couples, sense of touch can work as a great therapy in any relation.

As we talk about the importance of touch, I must mention my best buddy Satyoki here. There are times when we are out together and during conversations some arguments take a serious turn and we develop a cold stance towards each other - avoiding eye contact and just conversing in bare minimum words. And in between all this coldness, suddenly he puts out his hand to hold mine as we cross a busy section of the road or tread an unfamiliar area. I cannot express in words how reassuring that touch suddenly seems - all the stiffness in our stance dissolves. It's like the other person cares for you and is reaching out to you and then all arguments and anger becomes irrelevant. Touch indeed has such an immediate affect. You cannot remain indifferent to it's influence.

One can use all the tangible ways to express love, affection, warmth and concern, but sometimes just a simple, gentle touch transfers all that much more effectively. A gentle loving touch that says you love, you care, you are concerned. A loving touch that reassures and convinces the other person of your presence. So touch to keep the love and passion alive in your relationship, and it will work wonders for your emotional well-being. But of course. :)

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