Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Black List

Borne out of black,
to its solemnity we'll return,
Some will rest under the earth,
On pyres some will burn.

The colour black - solemn and eternal. Science calls it the absence of or absorption of light. The darkest colour, the opposite of white, it never ceases to intrigue. Generally associated with all that is intimidating, this mystical colour stands for the depths of the unknown, all that is beyond the earthy realm. But when it comes to fashion and luxury, black is big. It is bold. It's glamorous, it's royal, it's sophistication personified. 

When Blogadda asked bloggers to list 5 black items that they wish for, it got me thinking. The symbolism of the colour attracted me towards it - black magic, black humour, black cloak, a meeting with Sirius Black  - I wanted to it have it all. Maybe sometime in future. For now, here are the 5 black things I desire.

1. A Black Sheep

Baa baa black sheep,
Do not feel unloved
You have me to care for you,
Isn't that enough?

Strange that a thing so lovely and innocent epitomises worthlessness in our materialistic, obsessed-with-success world. The popular idiom related to black sheep describes someone who is an outcast in the family and society - someone who is not very mainstream and instead refuses to conform. I wish I have a black sheep for company, and together we will roam the distant pastures. Two creatures who are different and yet alike, an unlikely paradox. We will make for good company.

2. Black Belt

Training in self defence,
is now need of the hour.
To protect thyself from harm,
To fight back and not to cower.

Expertise in a self defence art is not a fancy skill any more. It's the need of the hour. Every day we are subject to atrocities of different kind, some subtle, some very in your face. Women are being manhandled, beaten and raped. For many, the atrocities are mental - in the form of harassment and verbal bullying. High time we all learnt a self defence technique - to not just equip our comparatively frail body to fight back, but also train our minds to always remain alert.

3. Black Clouds

The sun is beating down on us,
Heat taking a toll,
Black clouds come bless us please
Soothe our stifled souls.

I am yearning for black clouds. In my part of the world, the harsh sun is busy burning the already baked earth. Fear of a drought looms large. Everyone's listless - humans, animals, birds. Roads smell of burning tar, mirages far down the burning road are driving the drivers delirious, and the humidity is stifling. I want the black clouds to come rolling by, to stay put here for a while. Wish they come visiting soon, shower their ware around and make the wait worth the while.

4. Black Starry Sky

Twinkle twinkle little star,
The rhyme is now a myth
Cut down the skyscrapers please,
get a magical scythe.

My beautiful black sky has gone missing. It has disappeared beyond the many million skyscrapers. From the little windows of my house, I look up to catch some corner of the sky, but its the concrete of the neighbouring buildings that mocks me instead, smirking at my incredulous wish to gaze at the black star-lit sky. How I wish to go camping in the open, and lie down by my tent at night and gaze endlessly at the black sky with its many million glittering stars smiling down at me.

5. Black Box of MH370

A plane flying high,
disappeared from the sky,
its black box is still not found
despite many a try.

The last item on my black wishlist is the Black Box of MH370. This is just another wishful thinking, but how I wish this comes true and the experts are able to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. While this will not bring back the victims of the crash back, it will most definitely give a bearable closure to the family and friends of the victims of this baffling tragedy.

So this was my take on the 5 black things I desire. Hope you enjoyed the post. Do share your thoughts and also your black wish list. It would be fun to compare notes!

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  1. Black starry sky and Black belt are mt two top black favorites too ! Nice list :)

    1. Thanks Najm. Glad you liked the post. :)

  2. Ah so nice.. For me there are two things in black which really attracts me badly, one is the Honda City and the other is Canon DSLR camera...

  3. Oh stars! How I love staring at them too! All the best yet again sweet heart :)

  4. The Black box was a killer idea. All the best.

  5. The black sheep and the black belt were great. Loved your list!