Monday, 21 July 2014

Memories That Zest Up My Life!

Happy memories zest me up. On dull mundane days, when it feels like inanity has crept all around, there comes a whiff of a happy event and nostalgia takes over, charging me up with energy and enthusiasm. On days, when nothing seems to be going right and self-doubt attempts to overtake my mind, I take a break and go back to the happy memories of achievements. These, and a good cup of green tea, and there I am, all zesty and raring to take challenges head on. 

They say every passing moment becomes a memory, while whatever we consider
 mundane gradually fades out, the special ones hinges itself to the prominent corners of our heart and mind and remain there, making an appearance and cheering us up very now and then. Here are the five memories close to my heart!

1. My First Swimming Lesson

It took me a long time to overcome my fear of swimming. My parents had been insisting that I learn this life-saving skil for quite a while, but no, I was sure I would not even last for a minute in the pool, and the 'life-saving' skill would actually turn 'life-taking' for me. Every time I convinced myself to learn this skill, paranoia  would strike the moment I got near the pool! But then one fine day, after enough of convincing and cajoling from parents, friends and the swimming instructor, I just gave in! Just like that! Some hiccups and there I was alternatively floating and splashing around in the shallow end of the pool! It was magical! And now every-time I am inside a swimming pool, leisurely lapping across its length, I cannot help but laugh at my silly notions!  While the thought that I was once mighty scared of pools amuses me, the fact that I overcame that fear fills me up energy and enthusiasm. It motivate me surge ahead and tackle all challenges head on.

Swimming pools are scary? No!
2. My First Job

What an incredible feeling it is to be called a professional, to be at work, and to be responsible for the growth of an organisation! I know, I know, you must be smirking here! For many of us a few years of working has already taken its toll, boredom or exhaustion has set in and this feeling of graduating from being a student to being a working professional has worn out, replaced by stoic acknowledgement of mundane office work-life routine! True that, but still every time I think of my first job as a news trainee at ABP News, it zests me up!

3. My First Salary

Oh the joys of receiving my first salary! The crisp SMS arriving in my phone announcing that my salary has been credited in my account! So many years and I can still recall the day vividly! Eating out with my own, shopping and splurging on gifts for my loved ones! And no one, absolutely no one to play spoilsport in my shopping spree! One happy, fulfilling and thankful day it was and the memory of the day 

4. My First Solo Trip

My memories of my first solo trip zest up many a travel conversations I have with traveller friends! I went all the way up to Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh and stayed there on my own for a couple of months.

The lovely family I lived with!
In Mcleodganj, I lived with a local family who took care of my lodging and boarding, and my days there were spent wandering deep into the mountains exploring the waterfalls and local tribes settled there. I also participated in quite many adventure and volunteering activities there. One volunteering activity that I always cherish would be working at a child care centre looking after Tibetan kids who either had a single parent going to work daily or were parent less. I think this was a great experience, contributing my bit as a traveller, and memories of this trip always keep inspiring to surge ahead and never shy away from trying something new.

5. Nano Drive With MTV

Tiger(s) spotting in Maharashtra, surfing on playful waves in Andhra Pradesh, scuba diving in rough Orissa sea and last but not in any way the least, ghost hunting in a West Bengal hill station - these experiences and a hundred more - I lived them all in one epic road trip that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. And this road trip was Nano Drive with MTV Season 2 – a travel show that involved 21 days of travel across the country in Tata Nano. 

Nano Drive with MTV - 21 days on the road
This was the best trip of my life! For one, never in my wildest imaginations I had ever thought that a road trip this long, covering this great a part of our country could ever become a reality for me. But as they say, strange are the ways of the world, I was chosen to be a part of the show with a few other travel junkies and experience India like never before! Whenever I feel down and out, exhilarating memories of this incredible trip do their bit to add zest to my life!

So that was a bit about my favourite memories! Hope you enjoyed the post! Do share thoughts about your favourite people, places, memories and experiences! Would love to exchange notes! :) 

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  1. Hi, I loved your 4 & 5. I think you did awesome. I wish you so many more exciting adventures.

  2. Nice memoir of your journey of life. The first job and salary is always special.

  3. The first experiences are so special, loved this post and wishing many many more such awesome firsts.

  4. Wow! what an adrenalin rush and thrill to stay alone and to be a part of a road trip. I have stayed alone but a road trip remains pending, may be some day...

  5. What a refreshing post! M sure u have amazing memories to zest u up :)

    Lovely post! All the best!

  6. Those are some real sweet memories.... here's wishing you many more Ragini :)

  7. Ragini those are some great moments and some are exclusives like the MTV Nano drive...enjoyed reading your zestful remembrances. All the best for the contest!

  8. A very interesting post. Particularly like the pic of that family with whom you stayed.

  9. First swimming lesson and first salary are something that will be in my list as well :)