Sunday, 27 July 2014

Little Black Things

Some call Black powerful
for royalty it stands,
some dismiss it as evil,
strengthening wicked hands.

When Blogadda asked bloggers to list 5 black items that they wish for, it got me thinking. What the black! Black is all around us - in sophistication and in mundane. From elegant couture dresses to expensive luxury cars, from sleek fancy gadgets to hi-tech DSLRs, from handmade footwear to rough and tough cookware, black adorns all aspects of our lives! From the physical to the metaphysical, from the tangible to the intangible, black is everywhere. A colour that is eternal. So if I were to wish for 5 black things, what would I wish for? I do not long for designer dresses, Lamborghinis, BMWs and Aston Martins do not tempt me, there's no longing for fancy accessories - watches, handbags, footwear, et al.

Fancy cars tempt me not,
gadgets do not score,
Little things make me happy,
and that's what I wish for.

Yes, it's the little things that I yearn for, and they make me happy. A cursory contemplation and 5 black things that I would love to have is ready. You might consider them mundane, but I know that they will make my many a dull days exciting! Here they are!


Glossy black marbles,
they glitter and they shine,
wish I had a bagful of them
So I could boast they are mine!


Tiny little puppy,
to love and care for,
We both will play together,
and none will be a bore!


A basket full of berries black
would fill me with delight,
it's tasty and healthy too
Oh I am craving for a bite!


Couture hats intrigue me,
so creative they are
a black piece I would love to own,
and act like a Hollywood star!

5. Black Tea

Black tea is healthy,
for body and for mind,
you would want to share a cup,
it's taste is so refined.

So this is my list of 5 little black things that I desire. Hope you enjoyed the post. There's another list too, but the items there are not so little! You can read that list here, and let me know what's your take on the items listed! :)

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  1. The puppy and the black marbles, loved both the choices.

  2. Love your black wishlist Ragini. Wasn't this contest interesting? I really enjoyed writing different posts for it too. All the best dear and yes I love shahtoot 'aka' berries too ^_^ :)

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