Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Thank You, Family

'This is part of what a family is about, not just love. It's knowing that your family will be there watching out for you. Nothing else will give you that. Not money. Not fame. Not work.'
 - Mitch Ambom, Tuesdays with Morrie.

Real estate portal's heart-warming Look Up series is getting hearty thumbs ups in both the real and the virtual world. This series talks of optimism in not just the 'housing' domain, but also focuses on the importance of positivity and optimism in making the world a better place to live in. Inspired by the advertisement, people too are coming forward to share their look-up stories of determination and optimism. The brand's latest look up theme is togetherness, and reading about all the heart-warming stories of togetherness people are sharing has inspired me too to thank my family for all the love they have showered on me. They have stood by me through thick and thin, have motivated me every-time I have failed, have celebrated my success, and last but not the least, have admonished me for my reckless decisions.  Every time I have lost a battle with the world, I know there's a safe haven to take refuge in - my home, my family.

I recall this particular incident when I was down with typhoid and despite the medicines my fever raged on. I lay there listless on the bed, with my mother using cooling packs on my forehead to bring the temperature down. When nothing seemed to work, an appointment with doctor was hastily fixed for the evening. But as luck would have it, we were  5 minutes late for the appointment, so the doctor out-rightly refused to see us and after some pleading said that he will only see me once if was done with the other patients, and it was entirely up-to us if we wanted to wait.

Of course we wanted to wait, for my fever was raging and since we had already driven down this far, there was no other option but to wait my turn. So there I sat, that cold winter afternoon, trembling with fever, waiting for my turn at the doctor's chamber. Only if we knew what shocker lay ahead for us. After more than hour of waiting, when all the patients were dome with, the doctor's attendant came out to tell us that doctor saab's schedule has already stretched beyond the set time, and since we had already come late in the first place, so he won't be seeing any more patients now. 

God! While I was physically too exhausted to react to this update, my mother's face looked as if she was about to tear the place down with one hand. From a pleading, worried mother, she was now transformed into a force to reckon with and in a flash she was inside the doctor's chamber and I could hear her giving him a dressing down! And she went on for a good 5 minutes. Once she was done, she came out mumbling a victory note to herself, looking all in control, and helped me inside the doctor's chamber. Needless to say, the doctor who was all arrogant an hour ago, seemed to have lost all his arrogance in just 5 minutes of dressing down from my mother.

While the doctor examined me and checked through my reports, I couldn't help but be amazed at my mother's transformation from a pleading helpless woman to this strong woman who knew how to tackle an unpleasant situation on her own. That moment filled me up with so much pride and assurance that if your family is with you, no big or small issue trouble can bog you down. Together we will all sail through the troubles. 

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