Monday, 16 March 2015

My #HairIsFashion Makeover at the Lakme Salon!

Nothing kills boredom and rejuvenates the body and mind like a cool hair makeover! And I speak from experience. My recent hair colour makeover at the Lakme Salon not just made me look more beautiful and glamorous, the change also lifted me up out from my morose mood! And since I believe that all good experiences must be shared, here I am sharing my wonderful #HairIsFashion experience with you!

My #HairIsFashion makeover was done at Lakme's Preet Vihar Salon in Delhi and this was my first visit to this particular salon. I had opted for this salon as I had some engagements in that part and thought it would save me from the hassle of travelling to my regularly frequented Lakme salon across the city. To be honest, I was a bit unsure about what lay ahead for my hair, but the warm staff and the pre-makeover consultation with the head stylist Mr. Raj Jha immediately allayed my doubts and I knew my hair were going to be in good hands.

My #HairIsFashion makeover look was picked from Lakme's popular Show Stopping Hair Collection, a collection that boasts of stunning colour combinations and trendy hairstyles that take the art of hair dressing to a whole new level.  This collection has 3 prominent themes - Illusion, Metamorphosis and Moulin Rouge - and a range of striking sub themes offering a variety of hair makeovers best suited for the India hair.

For my makeover I let stylist Raj decide on the choice of hair colours, as rather than picking up random colours, I wanted to rely on his expertise and understanding of colour palette and combinations that would look good on me. We browsed through the shades catalogue and after mulling on a few colour combinations, we picked the one that would look best on my hair, a combination from the Helix Flair theme - a light tinge of brown globally with bold purplish pink highlights. Once the colours were finalised, it was time to get down to work!

While Raj worked his colour magic on my hair, he also took me through the process of hair colour, explaining in detail the intricacies involved in colouring hair, and how different hair colours work differently on the hair, also explaining all the steps involved in the hair colour process and the time duration involved in each step. 

Post the colouring process it was time to wait for the mandated period to allow the colours to set in. As I waited at the style console, Salon Manager Jyoti made sure I was comfortable and we chit-chatted about the various services offered by the Lakme Salon. In about half an hour's time, Raj checked my hair for colour consistency and once he was satisfied, it was time to shampoo and condition the hair.

Post the wash, it was time to touch up the coloured hair with Moroccon Oil, an essential foundation for hairstyling that can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Infused with anti-oxidant-rich argan oil and strengthening proteins, this Moroccan Oil treatment nourishes the hair and boosts shine.  And lo and behold! Here I was, all ready to flaunt my glamorous hair!

I think the vibrant makeover not just enhanced my hairstyle but also make me look pretty *(blush, blush)*. And going by the appreciation and lovely compliments I have received post the makeover, I know my family and friends too think the same! I am glad I opted for Lakme's #HairIsFashion makeover for now my peppy hair is not just a fashion statement, it is also my best fashion accessory too! What do you say!

Lakme's Show Stopping Hair Collection has something for everyone, and I am sure by now you too would be tempted to go for a hair makeover! And if a hair makeover is indeed on your mind now, then stay tuned, for there's a giveaway happening on this blog! And guess what the giveaway is - A HAIR MAKEOVER! Yes, you read that right! A hair makeover sponsored by Lakme is coming your way! Stay tuned for the next post! :) 


  1. You are looking great Ragini, Kindly make this your display picture.