Sunday, 22 March 2015

Happiness Little Things!

March 20th marked the United Nation's International Day of Happiness. To commemorate the day, a lot of engaging events were organised across the world. Besides this, lots of surveys showcasing the research on happiness index in different countries were released, most of them putting European countries in the top 10. Various articles harping on the importance of finding happiness in little everyday things too made their presence felt on the many social media platforms, prompting me to reflect on the many things that make me happy. And to be honest, despite my lame cribbing about inconsequential this and that, I am thankful to God for the all the lovely reasons he has given me to be happy about - my family, the freedom to just me, the passion for travelling, a healthy body and mind...really there's so much to be happy about!

This beautiful video from Coca Cola too has got me wondering about the many happiness triggers around me. Check out the video and see for yourself!

See, how simple it is! To seek happiness from little things around us - all one has to do is pursue it intently and not let go of any moment that has the potential to bring smile on your lips and twinkle in your eyes. Now that I am going deeper into this, I am realising that all the moments I spend with my family are so beautiful. Even in a mundane day at home there's so much to be happy about - tea sessions with mom and dad, watching cricket with dad, doing laundry with mom, dad trying new recipes in the kitchen...there are times that I stop in my tracks and send out a silent prayer of thanks to the almighty for all the blessings he has bestowed on me. And yes, now that I am reminiscing about the things that make me happy, how can I miss family trips - long roads trips across mountains, listening to retro music, stopping at random roadside dhabas...ah sheer bliss!

There is something about road-trips that I believe brings family closer. I have seen friends believing otherwise, that family trips are mostly chaotic with one returning from the trip feeling more embittered than relaxed, but I really love travelling with family, with dad in the front seat, and mom and me in the back seat looking out of the window, talking about random things and watching the world go by. 

So yes, if you believe that happiness lies in fancy holidays and palatial houses, in latest iPhone and hi-tech gadgets, in branded clothes and designer handbags, then look around you and think again, for the little things that we tend to look through have so much potential to warm our hearts up. These little things are treasure trove of happiness which needs to be cherished and nourished. So let's all pursue them with all our heart and indulge in the joy and happiness we derive from them.

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  1. True, those little things contribute so much to the happiness! :)