Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Duck Tale from Lansdowne

In the misty mountains of Lansdowne, there lived in a serene lake, a quacky family of 3 little ducks.

Their friendly neighbour Mrs. & Mr. White Duck visited often, and together they all went frolicking around the lake, going all quack quack.

One day, White Duck Junior too obediently  followed his parents around, though shyly ducking all the questions about his new girlfriend, the little Birdie.

The little Birdie lived in a beautiful house, nestled on a sprawling tree, not too far from the serene lake.

Soon after, the duck fraternity approved of White Duck Junior & Little Birdie's match, and one day at quack of dawn, they came up this church and had a quick little wedding and lived happily ever after.

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