Monday, 22 April 2013

A Soldier For Us

Just when I was thinking for an example to contextualize my concept of an ‘evolved man’, HIS name flashed like a godsend. I mean, in my make-believe world, he epitomizes an evolved, enlightened man. And why just me, for every woman who relates to his work in any way, he’s a soldier for her – guiding her, instilling self confidence and pride in her, beautifying her, making her strong, understanding her perspective, and most importantly, respecting her. The man is Gulzar – a lyricist, poet and film maker par excellence. Nobody understands a woman like he does.

The women in his work are not just pretty damsels in distress. They think, they speak their mind, they react, they are passionate - they love and they fight. They do not bend under societal pressure, they do not give in. And they do not justify their actions. Some of his powerful characters like Kusum from the movie Khusboo is a woman of substance who refuses to swallow her pride to get her childhood beloved back. Similarly Veeran from Machis is daring enough to become a terrorist to avenge atrocities against her family. Likewise Hu Tu Tu sees a disillusioned young girl taking on her corrupt politician mother. And the very popular Ijaazat, where both the leading ladies are strong and unique in their own way, voicing their opinion on life, marriage, babies and almost everything under the sun – they speak their mind and follow their heart.

So I believe it will be great if besides the everyday heroes in our lives, we also felicitate Gulzar Sahab for his role in subconsciously molding us into stronger women. His ideas take shape from everyday life scenarios, to which he adds his own sensibilities. And the final outcome of those ideas is such that in turn it guides us and becomes a reference point to be referred to in times of contemplation. So Gulzar Sahab it is for me. My soldier.

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Gulzar Sahab during one his book readings

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  1. So true! I remember his song: kyun Baar Baar...where he writes about the feelings of a pregnant woman about her unborn child! I am meserized at the thought that how a man can do this so beautifully!!