Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Houseful Nest on Our Window Ledge

A houseful nest on our window ledge 

I so love it when birds make nests in my house. Somehow, it gives me the satisfaction that they probably find a sense of safety here, and that's the reason they chose this place to set up a new home and start a family.

All day, till dusk falls, there is frenzy of activity in the veranda. Dry grass and sundry variety of straws strewn all over...all topped with with a busy chitter chatter, as if they are discussing the nitty-gritties of setting up a new home and advising each other on what kind of grass will keep the newborns more comfortable. Listening to them all afternoon, I let me imagination run wild.

Their chattering fills the house with such positivity. As if all's well with the world.


  1. You have the nice, unique experience of seeing how they build their homes. Beautiful picture.

  2. Yes indeed Easwar sir. I monitor them going about their chores and also keep checking on their intricate house building techniques. Thanks for the compliment on the pictures :)

  3. Really Cute!!
    Which bird? Have the parents come back?

    1. Thanks Navin! It's Mynah's nest. I see the proud parents hovering around all day, though I dont venture anywhere near the nest anymore. They have almost covered it all now, straws and grass on the eggs too.