Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Do Right: Help Varanasi's Boat School

The population of our country is bursting at its seams and we cannot harp enough on the vicious circle of issues and concerns that the problem of overpopulation leads to. No amount of infrastructure development seems to be able to cope with the alarming rate at which our population keeps expanding. Literacy is the most basic requirement for a country's economic growth, but how can we aspire to march steadily ahead on the road to development, if a huge section of our people have no access to quality education? India currently has the largest population of illiterate adults in the world with 287 million, which is 37 percent of the global total.

As per the India4India Survey conducted under Tata Capital's Journey of Doing Right initiative, illiteracy is the biggest challenge facing our nation. So it's imperative that we all come forward and contribute our bit in helping overcome the illiteracy menace. And while we contemplate about how to make a difference in the dismal literacy statistics of our country, we can take inspiration from men like Ajeet Singh, who are doing their bit in ensuring that the less privileged children of Varanasi are not deprived of basic education. These less privileged children are those that hang around the ghats of river Ganges, engaged in some petty activity or the other. Many of these spend their time trying to make a living out of fetching coins out of the river, while many others are engaged in some other small trade or aimless wanderings.

Mr. Ajeet Singh's Boat School, started under his NGO Guria, came as a blessing for all of them, for here they first experienced the joys of learning and first sampled delicious taste of education.

It is so heart-warming to see these little kids talk about their 'boat school' in such glowing words. And to imagine that had it not been for men like Mr. Ajeet Singh, these kids would have instead been on the streets, engaged in petty brawls or just probably just toughening up to prepare for the harshness that they assumed life had in store for them. But thanks to education, they now know better and are full of dreams and aspirations. They now want to explore the magical world education and for their dreams to become a reality, the onus is on us.

For any school to run efficiently it needs funds. Ajeet Sigh's magical 'Boat School' is no exception. The students here need basic facilities like a computer, stationery, a library, and educational toys. Besides these, this innovative school is in need of some quick repair, restoration and renovation too, for with Mr. Singh's meagre funds, it's difficult to keep the school going without running into obstacles. So if we all come together and contribute towards this cause of Varanasi Boat School, it will definitely give these children, a better learning environment. 

About the Do Right - The Journey of Doing Right initiative 

Tata Capital's Do Right - The Journey of Doing Right initiative is about real stories of obstacles, sacrifices and challenges. These stories need our help for them to have a happy ending.
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