Sunday, 30 March 2014

Kotak Jifi Indimeet: Socialising Over Social Bank Accounts

The latest edition of IndiBlogger's very popular Indimeets saw coming together of over 600 bloggers (yes!) for the exclusive launch of Kotak Jifi - Kotak Mahindra's fully integrated social bank account - a first of its kind bank account that goes beyond conventional banking by incorporating social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter alongside mainstream banking.
Over 600 bloggers attended the exclusive launch

While Indimeets are always super fun what with the great camaraderie amongst bloggers on display, this Meet scored brownie points for simultaneously and seamlessly bringing together bloggers from three cities together (Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore), all at the same time. While the chief guest launched Kotak Jifi in Mumbai - bloggers from Delhi and Bangalore were part of it all through web streaming.

In Delhi, the venue of the launch was the trendy B-Bar, a hip place to hang out and grab a drink or two (or more!) with friends. The nicely done up bar welcomed us with drinks on the house! That bought smiles and giggles galore on many a happy faces and in no time the bar was overflowing with drinks and fun banter among bloggers. 

While the attendance at the bar counter steadily increased, members from the indiblogger team too was coming into its own, checking on the first timers, guiding them with the registrations and initiating many a fun introductions and idle banter! Let me share this here that it's very heart-warming to see how team Indiblogger ensures that every one is comfortable and that no new member feels out of place in the fun riot that many indimeets turn into before and after the meet agenda.

Needless to say, in no time everyone was happy and high enough to participate in the selfie contest that had just been announced - click selfies with new and old friends and if  you win, you get rewarded with cool goodies and shopping vouchers!

The crowded bar! Drinks on the house!

While the drinks and banter flowed, it was time to discover who the secret chief guest was - invited to launch Kotak Jifi - and it was none other than the acclaimed writer Chetan Bhagat, who himself is well versed with the demands and more of social networking platforms, with an overwhelming twitter follower tally of 2.42 million! So who better to talk about a bank account that is based on social media platforms than Chetan Bhagat. The ever so witty and soft spoken Bhagat not just took the bloggers through the concept and idea behind Kotak Jifi, but along with Mr. K.V.S Manian, Kotak's Consumer Banking Head, also fielded questions about the nitty gritty involved in banking through social media platforms.

The stage's set in Delhi, ready for the launch

Mr. Chetan Bhagat with Kotak's Consumer Banking Head, Mr. KVS Manian

And here's what Kotak Jifi is all about - a bank account on the go!

  • Kotak Jifi is a first-of-its-kind online social bank account integrated with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Targeted at the young tech-savvy crowd, Jifi is a 0 minimum balance current account.
  • Bank account updates, cheque book requests and other account activities are all a tweet/message away - account holders can receive account updates on Twitter as Direct Message by simply tweeting to the bank's twitter handle a pre-determined hashtag. 
  • Account holders can earn transaction and social points online transactions and on referring friends to open accounts.
  • Besides social media integration, Jifi account holders will also have access to all conventional bank offerings including branch and ATM network, a platinum debit card and internet & phone banking access.
  • And here's some more finer details about Kotak Jifi -  

Quick pointers on going Jifi-y!

Jifi's detail introduction done, it was time for lunch, where quite a few people had a tad tough time dealing with the limited menu and the chaos to not to miss out on the desserts. Nevertheless, a not so exciting lunch break gave way to the very exciting Kotak Premier League. Hold your horses if you think the bloggers padded up for a quick 20-20 match on B-Bar's polished floors! Hahah! For KPL was in fact a tweet challenge amongst bloggers divided into 6 teams - with all posting creative tweets about Jifi. The team with the maximum tweets took home the much sought after shopping vouchers!

And then followed the photo-ops! Plus lots of bonding and networking! It's so much fun when all the indibloggers came together to fit into one big photo - and it looks like a huge Indi family! One can only be there to have an idea of the good energy that fills the place!  Looking forward to attending more of these happy and happening Indimeets in the future too!

And it's all wrapped up with a group photo
That's all about the Kotak Jifi Indimeet! Hope you enjoyed the post, and if you were there too, then would love to read about your experience! 
This post has been written under the #JifiIsHereExperiences blogging drive post the launch of Kotak Jifi organised by Kotak Mahindra Bank in association with IndiBlogger.


  1. Summed It Up, nicely, once again, Ragini!
    "And if you were there too, then would love to read about your experience!" - Invite you to have a look at my round-up of the meet too... :)

  2. Thanks Poonam ma'am. Your take on the meet too is very wholesome! Loved the photographs! :)

  3. I don't think I have heard of banking through social networking, really unique and innovative. Thanks for sharing the blog with us..