Monday, 5 August 2013

Falling for Fashion, Courtesy Rooja

I am not a fashionista. Far from it. In fact on a very honest note, I am not even fashion forward. Most of my shopping trips end up with my bag full of T-shirts and pairs of jeans. Or some girly tops once-in-a-while.
But not any more. For I am discovering fashion, (yes, yes, discovering) thanks to the fun, colourful and exhaustive collection at Rooja - an online store for luxury designer apparel and accessories.

One stop shop for fun shopping!

Like I said, I am a novice when it comes to fashion,  but then I am gradually getting inspired to look beyond the boring  T-shirts with philosophical quotes . And it was while browsing the many online shopping stores that I came across Rooja. What makes it it different is the exhaustive collection of national and international brands - Italy, France, USA, Belgium, UK - they have stuff from almost everywhere!

The MANY Brands

Plus the collection on this website is exhaustive - from clothes to shoes, bags, watches and other accessories, quirky stuff for home decor and hundreds of other fancy knick-knacks, you will find it all here, and that too in fun, bright colours. (I love colours!) And if the men reading this are a tad disappointed with all the girly-girly stuff being talked about, then you can take heart for this store has some uber cool stuff for you too - right from witty t-shirts to wallets and funky accessories to gear you up in style.

Fun stuff for the men too
And now for those who are wondering why I am waxing eloquent about the worth coveting stuff from Rooja, it is because I have bought some good stuff from this store, and want to show appreciation for their excellent service! And also because I wore some of their stuff on the show Drive with MTV Season 2 and it was fun sporting some fashionable stuff for a change! The next post lists what I bought! 

P.S. - This is NOT a sponsored post.          


  1. ooh I like the website as well, I bought some skincare stuff. Wanna know what you got ♥

  2. ahh thats a new one i came an online shopping addict and always exploring new websites for unique stuffs...thanks for directing me to this one.

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